Litigation and Debt Recovery at KVN Law

Through our experience and knowledge we recognise and understand that Litigation can be protracted and expensive. We endeavour to adopt alternative means of resolving disputes wherever possible. Where resolution is improbable, we provide our clients with sound commercial and legal advice on the most suitable strategies going forward.

Our areas of practice dispute include:

  • Arbitration
  • High Court, Regional Court and Magistrate Court Litigation
  • Dispute Resolution, including Mediation

We have litigated across several fields of law, namely

  • Contractual and Commercial disputes
  • Insolvency
  • Trademark, Passing Off and Unlawful Competition disputes
  • Delictual disputes
  • Labour Law
  • Property disputes
  • Motor Vehicle and Personal Injury Claims
  • Construction and Engineering related Litigation
  • Building disputes
  • Foreclosures and Sales in Execution,
  • Urgent Application,
  • Interdicts and Actions for Prevention
  • Restitution and Compensation

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