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Paternity Leave and Minimum Wages – How Will The New Laws Affect You?

Jan 2019.jpg

January 2019

Both employers and employees should be up to speed with the new labour legislation which will affect all businesses and individuals on one level or another. Firstly we discuss the new 'parental leave' provisions relevant to fathers, adoptive parents and commissioning parents in surrogacy agreements. Next we look at the new National Minimum Wage and the different hourly rates applicable to various categories of employee. Finally we’ll address new provisions relating to strikes, lockouts and picketing.


Property Owners, Buyers and Agents: Check for the Title Deeds Before 25 February!
February 2019
The last thing you want in any property transfer is any more delay and cost than is already built into the process.

Unhappily, that is exactly what is in store if the property’s original title deed is for any reason not to hand. Whether it has been lost or destroyed, you will need your conveyancer to apply for replacement with a certified copy from the Deeds Office.

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